In the autumn of 1984, a small group of friends came together at a local address in Welling to talk about what services, if any, were available to the African and Caribbean community of Bexley. The meetings soon started to occur more and more frequently, with more and more people in attendance, and the friends decided to make their group ‘official’ by giving it a name and registering as a charity. And so “BACCA” - the Bexley African Caribbean Association - was born.

Responding to the growth and changing needs, demographics and voices of the black and ethnic minority Bexley, means that the charity is partnering with a number of other smaller organisations both private and public to both develop and offer a varied programme of support education and entertainment as well as highlight the talent, skills and experience this group of adults children and young people have added, and continue to cultivate to ensure that BACCA will celebrate the next 35 years with the enhanced vision and adaptability to the citizens it support.